Gift Ideas New Gallery

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Gift Ideas New Gallery

Irina Sztukowski's new gallery Gift Ideas just opened it's doors for the Art Collectors throughout the World

Artist comments:

While Holidays are inevitably coming, many people are thinking about gifts for their friends and relatives. What is the best gift to give for holidays? Where to buy art? What is unique gift that my friend will cherish forever? Should I buy print, buy canvas, buy original art? All these questions are understandable when we face the fact that technology and high demands of the latest trends push people to spend money for something that most likely will be overcome in foreseeable future by other tech-toys. Yet the art will be a soulful gift; and, it is very possible it will be appreciated for years to come. With all my love to the arts - Live To Create!! And to make it feeling good, please use the coupon code GVVPSS as a promotional Holiday discount at the check out point.

This gallery contains many interesting art pieces that throughout the years became Irina's bestsellers. Appreciated by many customers in forms as prints and canvases, the artworks were also published in books, magazine covers, as well on merchandise such as yogurt labels in Switzerland and France, jam labels in Ireland, and, needless to say, in private collections in countries such United States Of America, Spain, Canada, Russia, Australia, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, and Arab Emirates.

Here is just a few examples that contain Watercolor Silhouette new trend artworks, peaceful landscape paintings, narrative seascape art pieces, decorative art, playful illustrations for kids, and many other styles :

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Happy Holidays!